Amazon sucks the life out of local businesses and then doesn’t pay its taxes. Capitalism at its worst!


I haven’t had a rant in awhile and now I want to say something about the major corporations who use loopholes to dodge taxes and those billionaires who donate 30 million dollars to Republican political campaigns.

Here’s a graphic that shows how much a billion dollars is:


So when you hear that Amazon only paid 1.8 million in taxes but made profits of 3.35 billion, you can see how little in taxes they actually paid. And let’s not forget Starbucks, who paid nothing in UK taxes but made 10.7 billion in profits. Or how about that Sheldon Adelson fella, who donated 33 million dollars to Republican campaigns in the United States…but his net worth is estimated at 25 billion dollars. This man has so much money that 33 million dollars is a drop in the bucket to him.

Let’s keep this in mind the next time we hear our political…

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